Claims Handling Agreement

We have been the leaders in claims processing since lawyers` insurance agreements were introduced in 2000. Our continued success and growth is due to the expertise of our claims management team, the recruitment of environmental professionals and our commitment to investing in technology. By combining damage experts and lawyers, we achieve a comprehensive and fluid service that you, your policyholders and their brokers can trust. We deal with large brokers, general management agents (MGAs) and insurance systems that handle thousands of notifications. These include professional compensation for lawyers (PI), architects and other construction professionals, accountants, independent financial advisors (IFAs) and first-party computer systems. We also help insurers process claims when notifying of a receivable or receivable in accordance with their ATE and BTE contracts. Our counter-sinisters offer proactive, responsive and cost-effective claims management, fuelled by the desire for exceptional customer service. We spend time getting to know you and your debt management philosophy so that we treat your clients the way you would. We see ourselves as an extension of you, especially if we act in the form of a delegated authority. We are happy to discuss the “white marking” of our services. We are one of the largest and most experienced claims teams in the UK and Ireland, and we also face demands from Australia, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

This is the final version of the claims processing agreement negotiated between the plaintiffs` lawyers and the defendants` lawyers to deal with the 590,000 claims received under the plan. It provides details on how claims should be handled from the beginning of the process (registering a claim) to the end of the claim (payment of the claim by payment or refusal). The trial was overseen by the judge in charge of the litigation.