Coaching Partnership Agreement

Closing the performance gap for all students is at the heart of everything we do. The sense of urgency on our campus is palpable and the driver of continuous improvement on every campus is the client. Jim Knight describes the importance of building strong partnerships with principals: we found that the more explicit we are in our partnership agreement, the more likely we are to avoid misunderstandings and surprises throughout the school year. Every year, we optimize and amend our partnership agreement, but the objectives and the basic framework remain the same. We invest time at the beginning of the year to build these partnerships and take advantage of the benefits of focus and efficiency throughout the year. The impact of our work depends on the relationships that have been established during these partnership agreements. With knowledge of the importance of the partnership between the district, principals and teaching coaches, our district engages each campus in a partnership interview at the beginning of each school year. These efforts are not “one and it`s over” – we also insert ourselves several times a year to review our agreement, in which we enter into a dialogue, to guide the objectives of programs and campuses, to clearly indicate how and when coaches will participate in the work, and to define the schedules and expected results. Pasha Goodman is entering her 15th year with eight years of coaching experience. Pasha currently works as a professional learning specialist at Fort Bend ISD, south of Houston, TX. If she is not involved in coaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four sons.

Although there are many types of coaching (personal, career, professional/work, etc.), it can use some common sections in your initial agreement. The three sections I would like to include at least include: I am one of three “coach champions” for my district and our team oversees coaches on 23 Title I campuses. As a coaching champion, I have a responsibility to provide coaches with specific learning experiences. On an average day, you may find that I collect data that is geared toward a coach`s goal of improving their LPC relief, co-coaching to help a new teacher or having a reflective conversation with a coach. Connie Hall, trainer at Palmer Elementary, describes the influence of a champion coach on their work: to help coachee and coach on this trip, a common understanding of expectations is needed. I recommend the establishment of a “coaching agreement” between coachee and coach at the very beginning of your partnership.