Neighbour Fencing Agreement

In the rural situation, a fence of 7 wires between neighbours is generally acceptable. However, I can`t find any guide for proper fencing in the urban area. Is there any help in that? A closing notice lists the work a person wants to do at the fence and the contribution they ask the neighbour (see the standard notice in this chapter). It must be said that the barrier was destroyed in a storm, but my neighbour is abroad and I have to get it repaired quickly. Can I ask them to help pay the fees when they get home? Yes, yes. If your neighbours are gone and a fence needs to be repaired immediately, you can do the work and get half the costs back from the other owner. Besides construction, replacement, repair and maintenance, the fence work involved also include: Based on this article, did I NZTA over a fence between our land and the ruined state highway – it asked to cover half of the replacement costs. Not only was I told in their response that they were exempt from the fencing law, but I was also reminded that it was my responsibility to preserve vegetation on the road front. If your neighbour is NZTA, keep your breath and ask for help.

These messages can be sent in person to your neighbour or by recommended letter. If, within the same time frame, you claim not to be responsible for the fence, you can inform me accordingly and indicate the name and address of the person responsible for the fence relating to your property. You and your neighbour may agree that the rails and fencing will enter one of your lots, but the closing law contains some rules that apply if you cannot accept. These rules apply to some types of fencing and not to others, as not all types of fences have rails and framing. If the fence has been damaged or destroyed and the circumstances require urgent fencing, the owner may carry out the urgent work without notice if the circumstances make it unfeasible. The adjacent owner remains responsible for half of the costs, but may be reviewed later by the court or district court. Under the Pre-Amendment of Fences Act, responsibility for the execution of fencing work and the contribution to the division of the fences rests with the occupants of the land. The Fences Amendment Act defers this responsibility in most cases to landowners, recognizing that a separation fence represents an improvement in the land that the owner most often benefits from. Hello, we operate warehouses on land that we rent, and the neighbor has trees and has no stock.

The fence of the border (posts and slats) was dilapidated and our stock entered his property, then through its dilapidated fence on the road. Fortunately, no accidents. I asked if he would put the halves in the fence, but he does not see why he should pay because he has no stock. We had to rebuild the fence at our own expense after there was a second incident where the stock crossed his property on the street. Can we still serve it with a fence warning and go through this process while we have rebuilt the fence? Bill If urgent fencing repairs are required, you do not need to inform your neighbour in writing, but it is recommended that you inform them as much as possible. The Fences Amendment Act gives the magistrate the power to issue a wider range of orders on anything that might be contentious in a fencing case. What does that mean? The notice should say that it is served in accordance with the Fencing Act of 1978 and that it contains the names and addresses of you and your neighbour. We must describe it: our neighbour does not want a fence! We gave them the notice of closure and they objected to them gettinging them to 30s.