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“You didn`t do anything wrong? You don`t agree with this stupid deal to buy me for your business? “,” shouts tae angry and subconsciously, he grabs the guk-shirt collar. I don`t agree on this stupid business wedding, especially, you still haven`t said SORRY for what you did to me” tae initially ruled out of him “Sorry”, he didn`t except the wedding. “First of all, I never agreed with this chord,” he pulls his handle on tae waist, laments and bites his lips to hide some pain “DON`T. Never. That`s saying it. That`s it again. When you find your memory, you will know how much we loved and our marriage is not just for our love. US “guk said with its cold tone and then loosen its handle, tae eyes torn by different tastes reactions. ” Mom, I`m going out” I scream out of the room, knocking out the door and not waiting for Mom`s answer: “Yes, that`s where you come.” He stands on “Sorry lolita” says and walks to the bed and has gone to bed as he finishes the subject. “Don`t waste your time, I won`t marry this idiot.

It`s the final” calls tae and screams to shut up. Happpieee Birthday Kim Taehyung aka My Lolita” 💜🐯😘 “Lolita, stop this. If you continue at the end, you could fall or get hurt” 💁 time to change my favorite chapter in this book!!! 😍🤗🙈 “Why? Don`t you want to see me? Don`t I miss you? Don`t you want to hear my voice? Don`t you love me like I do? What for? I shouted on my wallpaper. “Yes, why do you look so dull? They don`t like it either when you come back from America. It`s tae, isn`t it? I`m going to do it. I`m cutting my mom “No mom please, I`ll be careful. I`m just tired of traveling and meeting” I lied to Mom. “What`s your problem, why are you doing this?” he calls me, but I stood there not answering anything to him. “I`m doing the same thing as you,” he said: “We can play tomorrow, how long and how long you want Lolita, today I`m so tired.

So, please, sleep,” he took my hands to help me get up, but I grabbed him. “Okay, go take a shower, I`ll have breakfast, and you can get some rest.” “I`m not a hungry mother” I clearly see in her eyes worries for me. Tae gets up from bed and heads to the balcony with her pretty puppy problem. Guk smiles wide and changes the dumbbells from right to left very casual and shakes his right hand on him. “It`s like a man`s and a woman`s fight, Mom. Do not worry. He`s going to talk to me, okay, Mom just nodded. Tae shook awake by the sudden voice on the side of his window as he was about to shout a pair of hands that covered his mouth in a split second. “I knew, but I love you, Lolita.

I knew you knew it,” he said with a smile. The coarse personality has turned into a romantic atmosphere, interesting hmmm, we let ourselves be seen. But I don`t hear any noise of his movements. I behave like walking and I ring loud with my foot, I let him know that I`m leaving. “Yah no, get up first. We haven`t finished the subject yet,” I shook him up. Tae quickly ended his day and returned to the balcony area, where Guk made pushups. Guk noticed the presence of his Lolita, but he decided to tease him, so he continues his exercise as if he hadn`t noticed it. Tapped that quick Notificate I hope it is from my Lolita. “Oh, don`t you want me to disturb? Huh? Okay, I`ll see how you can sleep peacefully” “I`m sorry I don`t like the way you give this little extra. I knew why you kissed him more, but I can`t tolerate it. I want you to enjoy yourself as we spend our time in America. Just you and me” I get up from the couch and walk into the room.

Yoongi Hyung: Take yours and come to my office within 30 minutes` Hwaiting dear, she said by actions. I sneered and walked into my room. “Tomorrow lolita” tae immediately turns around to see where the voice comes from. “Current Day” (yes!!! guys, read the last chapters full of flash-shows, actually not like a flash show, it`s only a few days before I mention it on chapter 22 – play with water!!! eeee) “Shh lolita, I come here just for