Apple Card Cardholder Agreement

Another unlikely agreement is a ban on cryptocurrency purchases. Most credit card companies already ban “cash” transactions, but many are concerned about Apple and Goldman Sachs labeling cryptocurrency as a “cash equivalent.” You can manage the Apple card and the Apple Line of Credit function through the Apple Card web service portal by logging in to with your Apple ID. To make a payment, you can provide information about the bank account from which a payment is made. This information is only used to pay for your payment. Apple collects information about the actions you take on the portal, for example. B if you are planning or have made a payment, and uses this information to respond to your request or to correct troubleshooting, etc. Apple may, if necessary, share some of the information they have collected with Goldman Sachs to respond to your request. Information about your use of the portal, which cannot be associated with you, can be used by Apple to improve the Apple card. If your iPhone or iPad isn`t available or you haven`t added your Apple Card to your iPhone or iPad, you can check your balances and pay them online at Apple Card premiums are counted daily and delivered by cash card. If you use Apple Card, our banking network and payment exhibitor partner – Goldman Sachs and Mastercard – and its service providers will receive information about your transaction, including resellers, time and amount to operate the Apple card.

Neither Goldman Sachs nor Mastercard share or sell your transaction information to third parties for advertising or marketing. If your Titan Apple card is lost or stolen, see how you can report it and request a new card. Apple Line of Credit is a feature of Apple Card. If you apply for the Apple card on, you may be entitled to the Apple Line of Credit feature and Apple may treat some of your information differently from processing information when you request the Apple card on an authorized Apple device. We want to make your balance easier, not more difficult. Apple Card therefore has no fees. No annual, off-limits transactions, foreign transactions or late fees.2 No fees. It`s true. And our goal is to offer some of the lowest interest rates in the sector. Because your credit card should work for you, not against you. Apple can also forward information to Goldman Sachs or Mastercard to activate and set up your Apple Card on Apple Pay and prevent fraud. Shared information is no different from providing a card with Apple Pay and may include: at any time, the information collected by Apple is processed in accordance with Apple`s privacy policy, which can be found under

Most of the details contained in the customer agreement have already been shared or disclosed in previous reports, but this brings all the information to an easily accessible point. Apple also offers a laser titanium card for periods when Apple Pay is not available. Just like Apple, the card is minimal and beautiful, with no numbers, expiration date or CVV code to hoarse it.